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Optimize the Value of Your Nonprofit’s Data Resources

Raiser’s Edge to SalesForce Migration Made Easy

We love helping our community as much as you do , so we understand how much more good you could do by harnessing the power of Sales Force. But to get there you’ve got to migrate all that pesky data from Raiser’s Edge … and do so optimally.


Raiser edge to salesforce migration
We will do just that, delivering data that is properly extracted. What do you get in return? More affordable migration, easier data maintenance and more meaningful reporting.

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Anyone can move your data, but how many providers truly leave your non-profit stronger than they found it? Better able to deliver on the mission that makes your non-profit tick?

Affordable Migration

As a nonprofit, your budget is more important than ever, and your CRM investment is a key consideration. The cost of migrating your data from Raiser’s Edge to SalesForce has to make sense for your organization. After all, that’s how you make the most of your mission.

More Meaningful Reporting

Your reporting is only as good as the quality of your data. When we migrate your data, proper extraction means that your reporting is more accurate, more actionable. Know more about your supporters so you can serve your cause in the most effective way possible.

Easier Data Maintenance

Not surprisingly, it’s easier to maintain your data — even after you’ve moved to SalesForce — when it’s properly migrated. After your migration experts have done their job, it’s important to ensure they thought of your standing long-term. Don’t get left with a confusing data maintenance situation that siphons resources from your mission.

Your nonprofit’s data deserves the support of a like-minded migration company. This means not only technical expertise, but a passion for nonprofits too.

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Is your data simply being moved from Raiser’s Edge to SalesForce, or is it being optimized for the way you actually want to use it?


Your choice of data migration provider will have a ripple effect across your entire nonprofit …

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