We like to keep things simple here at PPG….

We combine good people with great technology, years of experience and a lot of hard work.


The end result is great software, on time and on budget.

Our Services

Rapid Application Development


From a Corporate intranet, to a customer facing site or a Complex ERP integration, we have the skills and experience needed to make the project a success.


We build iOS, Android, and Windows with a single, shared C# codebase. We use the same language, APIs and data structures on every platform.


When you need A to talk to B, or C and D then F….  We can help with that.  Making different apps play well together is key part of our solutions.

Our Philosphy

The goals are simple ones, build a good product, at a good price and deliver it on time.

On Shore

Our on shore team handles all the parts you need to have on shore.  Plus they are really bright and have a lot of experience.

Project Management

We keep the project on track.  Make sure we have the right people, do the right things and let everyone else know what is going on.  Strong management and good experience.  It makes things run very smoothly around here at PPG Services.


Our lead architect has 20 years of software development experience.  He thinks punch cards are cool and has a collection of 5 1/4 floppy disks.  You probably only care that he is incredible at solving complex problems for our clients.

Development Leadership

Most of the time (but not in all cases) the Dev lead is right here at your beck and call.  If the dev lead is off-shore, well….  he will still be at your beck and call!  Expertise and knowledge, along with strong leadership, are what we need here.

Off Shore

Simple fact, there is just not enough talent here on shore.  Turns out, the rest of the world had some great talent also.

Experienced Developers

As it turns out, the world is full of really amazing software developers.  You put them together with great on shore design and leadership and, well, it really works.  And we all play so well together.

Reliable Testers

So what would a good development team be without a good QA team (that was rhetorical, but in case you wanted to the know the answer: they would be a not-so-good development team).  So we stand by the philosophy that good testers make for good results.

On Time & On Budget

I have never heard anyone in the Tech field ever say “There are no timelines and spend as much as you want”.


Everyone always says the need it “Yesterday”.  As odd (dumb?) as the expression seems, it is unfortunately true for many organizations.  They really needed something a while ago, and we deliver.  We use Agile techniques to get it developed and out the users as fast as can be done.


You may have noticed our rates are really good, even for a company that uses off shore labor.  Our “secret”, do good work, we customers keep coming back and then keep the overhead low.  Did I mention we like to keep it simple at the Playground (oops, they did it again).

Our Team

We have an impressive group of experts in many areas of Microsoft Technologies.

Our Clients

Contact Us

To speak with one of our team members about providing a solution, drop us a note.

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